(update: arrrgghhh, never write a blog post in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. I have fixed the name of the story and the link so it should work now.)

I’ve posted a new story over on the main site, called Bas Floyd 166ae0. This is another extreme geek story with a soft of Lovecraft influence. I wrote this story earlier this year and tried half-heartedly to get it published, which didn’t work, and then I lost patience. Either I write too geeky or I’m a crappy writer and I don’t realize it, but anyhow, there it is.

I know I’ve essentially abandoned this blog, and I’m sorry. (guilty expression.) I’m at that stage where I decide it’s time for an entire web site overhaul, both design and infrastructure, because surely that will help.

I am also almost done with the neverending chicken coop.

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In Which Laura Discovers Internet-Based Home Automation

December 26, 2012

Belkin WeMo: Control home electronics from your smart phone L: OMG I want this! E: Now you never need to look up from your smart phone to interact with the environment. L: I was thinking it would be helpful for things like “did I forget to turn off the espresso machine again…” E: Yeah… L: […]

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The Latte Over Innsmouth

December 24, 2012

The Latte Over Innsmouth, a photo by lauralemay on Flickr. I was making really nice latte hearts and leaves for a little while there, but then I forgot how and now I’m back to pouring multi-tentacled monster fetuses.

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Fruit of Mystery

October 28, 2012

I have a big yard. So big, in fact, that after 15 years living here I am still finding fruit trees lurking in the underbrush. Up in the area we call “the meadow” there are a handful of really old pear trees. We get small pears every other year or so, but the fruit disappears […]

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What I’m Doing This Weekend

September 23, 2012

canning tomatoes, a photo by lauralemay on Flickr. Putting tomatoes into jars. Lots of tomatoes. Lots of jars.

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