onion vs katrina (plus TDS)

September 8, 2005

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The Onion comes through once again: White Foragers Report Threat Of Black Looters NEW ORLEANS—Throughout the Gulf Coast, Caucasian suburbanites attempting to gather food and drink in the shattered wreckage of shopping districts have reported seeing African­Americans “looting snacks and beer from damaged businesses.” “I was in the abandoned Wal-Mart gathering an air mattress so […]

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In response to the notion that the folks in New Orleans should have known better, since they were living in hurricane country, trollprincess reponds with this map: (click through for the big map). (I got it from Making Light.)

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September 2, 2005

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My friend Marjorie passed along this prayer. I am neither religious nor Jewish, but still I found it moving. A Prayer for Guidance and Understanding Richard S. Moline and Rabbi Elyse R. Winick Ba’al HaRahamim – God of Compassion: Mikolot mayim rabim – Above the voice of vast waters; Mishberei yam – The breakers of […]

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(I got it from Dr. Jeff Masters’ Weather Underground blog).

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